Welcome to My Story Space

Intro post and all that.

Hey folks!

If you are getting this email you are subscribed to my fiction serials newsletter. This newsletter will (for now) be going out Tuesdays and Fridays started Jan 1.

Our current schedule is:

Tuesdays: Bound by His Oath -- gender flipped ‘historical romance’ in a quasi-scifi setting

Fridays: Planting Life in a Dying City (season 1)-- agender found-family in a low fantasy setting

Schedule is subject to change. This is a new thing and there will be snafus to work through.

General Overview:

Stories will be released in ‘seasons,’ with each season running ~3 months. (Or that’s the goal). Current plan is to send out ‘single season’ stories or ‘mini-series’ on Tuesdays. These stories will go out one segment a week until the story is done. Friday will be for longer stories that will take multiple seasons to complete. Just like with seasons of a tv show there may be cliff hangers (though I try to avoid them).

Each post will be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, or a good length for most folks to read on a coffee break. If folks want more (or less) I may adjust as time goes on.

Most stories will be sci-fi/fantasy, major themes are family, interdependence, and self acceptance. Some stories will include kink themes, especially power exchange and including dubious consent and nonconsent power exchange.

If you know anyone else who might be interested, please —