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Fun SFF fiction in your inbox twice a week.

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Serials are kind of like a written version of TV shows. You get ‘episodes’ every day or every week with the next bit of the story.

These webserieals will be released in ‘seasons,’ with each season running ~3 months. 3-4 seasons a year, each season featuring different stories. (Or that’s the goal). Most stories will take multiple seasons to complete. Just like with seasons of a tv show there may be cliff hangers (though I try to avoid them).

Stories include a mix of queer, polyam, and kinky themes/relationships, lots of fucking-with-tropes, and other weirdness.

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Story segments go out Tuesdays and Fridays.

Each post will be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, or a good length for most folks to read on a coffee break.

Our current schedule is:

Tuesdays: How NOT to Save the World — troperific science fantasy

Fridays: What You Will — Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, queer-er

Up next:

Tuesdays: How NOT to Save the World — near future troperific science fantasy

Fridays: Meadowsweet — Firefly x noncon ‘why choose’

(Schedule is a goal, not a guarantee. Life shit happens.)

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Or you can read the stories for free on my website. Stories on the website come out about a month and a half after the newsletter.

Help Shape the Stories

Because these are serials and being written as we go, your comments and requests can help shape the direction the stories take. The things readers like (or don't like) may shape the direction a story takes or how a character develops.


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